Why Halo Top Ice Cream Is Everyone’s Obsession Lately

Why Halo Top Ice Cream Is Everyone’s Obsession Lately


If you haven’t heard the COOL news (heh heh), Halo Top ice cream is now available in stores across Canada! Here in Ontario I believe they’re only carrying it in Fortinos and Metro locations currently, but possibly others down the road. Heads up: it’s pricey (I’ve seen it listed from $5.99 – $7.99, and that’s just a small pint). Also don’t expect to walk into a store and just casually find it – this stuff sells out faster than stores can order it and when customers buy it they buy A TON of it.


You’ve probably seen the adorable little pints all over Instagram because the cute packaging and hashtaggable healthiness are verrry Insta-worthy. But if you’re wondering, “WHAT is the big deal with Halo Top?!”,  I’m here to help you out!


What it is:

Halo Top is a premium ice cream brand targeted to people looking for a healthier ice cream option without sacrificing flavour. Compared to conventional ice creams, Halo Top is

  • lower-carb,
  • lower-sugar,
  • lower-calorie,
  • lower-fat,
  • higher-protein…

…and it doesn’t taste gross!! It’s sweetened primarily with the sugar alcohol erythritol, plus organic stevia extract and a little bit of organic cane sugar. Although it might sound suspicious, erythritol is made by fermenting natural glucose sugar using yeast (or another fungus). There are no known side effects of erythritol yet, other than possible stomach rumbling and nausea if you eat more than 50g (1.8oz) of it at a time, which would be a bit excessive (there are roughly 20 grams of erythritol in a pint).


Why it’s cool: 

  • the dairy ingredients contain no synthetic growth hormones
  • if you’re having a really tough day, you can eat the whole pint without feeling TOO much extra guilt
  • calories per serving are listed right on the front of the pint (4 servings = 1 pint)
  • all natural ingredients
  • no unnecessary filler ingredients! You can pronounce every ingredient
  • cute packaging
  • lots of fun flavours! So often when there’s a “healthy” version of something, the UNHEALTHY version comes in lots of cool flavours but the “healthy” version only comes in the most basic flavours. I’ve noticed this particularly with chips, yogurt, protein bars, cereal, and usually ice cream too! Halo Top (so far) has 25 dairy flavours and 14 dairy-free flavours available in the U.S. market. In Canada we only have 12 dairy flavours and no dairy-free ones yet
  • they have a neat backstory (check out the podcast link below to hear an awesome and inspiring interview with the company’s founder)


My experience:
I first heard about Halo Top on an episode of the ‘Don’t Keep Your Day Job’ podcast several months ago and I’ve been dying to try it ever since. And now it’s in Canada finally!!!! My husband and I had a hard time finding it in stock anywhere but he snagged some at a Metro in Toronto and we tried the following 3 flavours: mint chip, oatmeal cookie, and cookies & cream.

We opened up cookies & cream first, and it was okay but definitely the most disappointing of the three. The ‘cookie’ pieces were more like just flecks of cookie-coloured ice cream, no cookie chunks to chew through. The flavour was fine but it was nothing spectacular. I would probably not buy this flavour again unless it was the only one available and I was really craving ice cream!

Next we tried oatmeal cookie, which received a lot of surprised rave reviews on social media so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. This one is really good!! It has a light spice like a real oatmeal cookie and has whole oat flakes in it which are a little bit chewy. They were a bit weird at first but I liked them more as we kept eating, haha! I would get this one again.

And finally, in first place ….*drum roll*….mint chip! This stuff is AWESOME. It’s the perfect amount of minty-fresh, with just the right “crunch” of the chocolate bits. Mint chocolate is the favourite ice cream flavour of both my husband and myself, and this version has earned a place in both our hearts! DEFINITELY buying some more asap!

Nutritionist Tip: ideally stop *before* you hit the bottom!


Final word:

Halo Top ice cream is a very exciting product and makes a great low-guilt treat, but it’s important to remember that it’s just that – A TREAT. Just because it’s better for you than conventional ice creams does not mean you should eat a whole pint at a time, or that you should eat it whenever you crave it.

Have you gotten into the Halo Top craze yet?! What are your favourite flavours?




2 thoughts on “Why Halo Top Ice Cream Is Everyone’s Obsession Lately”

  • If you like peanut butter and get the chance to buy some…do it!! YUMMMMMM!!! This stuff is awesome! Even though I can usually find in at least one or two groceries in my area in Ohio, I still stock up…just in case. Thanks for reminding me to put in on my shop list. 😉

    • Oh you’re so lucky that it’s AVAILABLE near you!! I’ll definitely need to track down some of the peanut butter one, it’s always one of the sold out flavours so that must mean it’s awesome! I was able to find birthday cake and pancakes and waffles the other day and they’re both REALLY good. Long live Halo Top 😀

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