Two Ways To Become Wealthy

Two Ways To Become Wealthy

The first thing you might think of when you hear “wealthy” is a person with lots of money, maybe wearing a crown, maybe lounging in the immaculately landscaped giant backyard of their giant mansion/castle/estate.

That’s fair, I pictured that first too! But there’s another kind of wealth besides money, and that’s the state of abundance. When I first started hearing the word “abundance” thrown around a few years ago, it was in a yoga class and I believe we were breathing in abundance and breathing out scarcity (more on the topic of scarcity later). I honestly didn’t really connect with this concept for a long time. Over time though, I’ve recognized that I can genuinely feel abundance in my life pretty easily, (which means you probably can too!) and it’s one of the things I am excited to build upon in my life.

Abundance doesn’t even necessarily mean that you have a lot of stuff! It can mean that, but you can definitely feel abundance even if you have very little. It’s this second, more minimalist type of abundance I’m aiming for personally.

5 Ways I Feel Abundant Already:

1 – I can walk.

I actually think about this one a lot, especially when I’ve been sitting around all day feeling like I have no motivation or energy. When I think about how many people would do ANYTHING to be able to walk, I feel infinitely grateful for the ability to get around easily. If you’re able to walk, just keep in mind how fortunate you are and how much easier your life is just because you CAN walk.

2 – I have comfortable/comforting things.

My bed, sweatpants, flip flops, couch, fuzzy socks, and favourite tea mug…. It’s just really really nice to be comfortable! When you’re comfy you aren’t distracted by your physical experience, so you can just enjoy a more in-the-moment presence I think.

3 – I’m married.

I have a best friend I get to talk to, go places with, snuggle up to, lean on for support, build a life with, take care of, and love forever. There’s all the hard stuff that goes along with this too, but I still feel incredibly fortunate to have found this man. (If you’re single and you love the independence of being single, then that would contribute to your abundant state in the same way being married contributes to mine!)

4 – I have lots of free time.

This means I can spend a lot of time doing things that are meaningful and enjoyable to me! Even if you’re someone who’s very busy, you probably have more free time than you think, you just might be wasting it in ways that don’t really bring you joy. I still waste too much of my free time, but that’s an area I’m working on because I’m truly so thankful to be able to have as much free time as I do!

5 – I can create.

I love to cook and bake and write and play piano and practice calligraphy and do crafty things…and what do all of those things have in common?? They all involve creating something from something else! I love the energy and the focus of sitting down to do something creative. I love having the ABILITY to create.

Note: None of my top 5 contributors to abundance are money, but some of them require money in order to exist (for example, I have free time because my husband works full-time and I work part-time so that we have enough money combined to live our lives the way we want to).

What about you? What does abundance look like in your life?

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