Disney Themed Wedding Rentals

IMG_4501I’ve decided to rent out the AMAZING Disney-inspired decor I made/collected during my year and a half engagement! Chris and I met while working at Disney World in 2015 so it was never even a question what our wedding theme would be – obviously Disney!!! We wanted each of our 11 tables (plus the head table and dessert table) to have its own Disney movie theme, so the centrepieces at every table were completely different and our guests absolutely LOVED the creativity! Many of them wandered around the whole reception room, taking pictures of all the different movies represented on the tables, and we got a ton of compliments on our decor!

During the planning phase, when I was trying to find items to add to my centrepieces, I realized there was no “Disney Event Decor” business, not even a Disney-specific “Post-Wedding Stuff For Sale” group on Facebook, and I thought, “This seems like a hole I could fill!” Fast-forward to now, roughly 2 months after the wedding (which was PERFECT by the way!), and I’ve been thinking more about how cool our stuff is and what a shame it is to have it all just stored away in tote bins.

In addition to the amazing centrepieces, we also had this very cool castle that we used for our card box:


I couldn’t bring myself to throw away/give away any of these things, they were just such a huge component of our perfect day and I would rather see other couples get to enjoy them at their weddings!

I’m thinking I’ll do my own setup/teardown as part of the rental structure, to make sure none of the more fragile things get broken by someone else accidentally. And I’ll probably figure out a set fee depending on number of tables and distance to venue? I’m still in the early planning stages of this project but I’m feeling really excited about the whole thing!

The other fun thing is that I could curate “on demand” for clients, sourcing things to represent OTHER movies that we didn’t have at our wedding! It was so much fun hunting for little elements every time I went to a garage sale or antique market or dollar store. Sometimes I had a perfect idea for what a table NEEDED but I couldn’t find it in any stores so I just made it from scratch! Other things were alllmoost perfect store-bought, but needed to be improved with some personalized modifications, so I DIY-ed those too! Speaking of DIY, we used Chris’s parents wedding cake topper (which originally belonged to Chris’s GRANDPARENTS!) and made it our own with a bit of paint and model magic 😉 When Chris’s mom had inherited the cake topper for her own wedding, she had painted the faces of the bride and groom to look more like herself and Chris’s dad, so it was kind of part of the tradition to add our own touch to it! The groom went from blond with moustache to dark-haired with glasses, and his boutonniere became purple; the bride’s dark hair doubled in length, her brown eyes became blue, her white bouquet turned purple and her short-sleeved dress became strapless. PLUS we both had mouse ears, because obviously that was necessary!! Here’s the finished product (still kicking myself for not taking a “before” picture!!)


Ultimately Disney-fying weddings is basically my dream job so I hope there are other couples out there who want to have unique Disney themed weddings because I’m SO excited to help them out!

If you’re interested, or want to see more photos from our wedding, check out Disney Themed Wedding Decor on Facebook!