4 Ways To Get More Daily Movement

4 Ways To Get More Daily Movement

“Exercise” is kind of a gross concept that no one likes talking about, but the reality is that we all honestly NEED to move more. I’ve started noticing that my body feels stiff and restless on the days when I just veg out and barely get up off the couch (we’ve all fallen into a 6-hour-long Pinterest rabbit hole at some point, right??) The whole “sitting is the new smoking” campaign actually has some validity to it, but even small increases in daily activity are helpful. Plus, the more baby steps you take, the more baby steps you’ll WANT to take, and your activity level will increase before you know it!

On our recent cruise we VOLUNTARILY went on a bike tour of St. Maarten! All those baby steps are definitely adding up!


Here are 4 easy ways to get a bit more movement into your day:

  1. Netflix and Stretch – while binge-watching TV shows or movies, take a stretch break every half hour. This means get up, walk around, maybe get a glass of water, do jumping jacks, reach up over your head, touch your toes, jog on the spot, whatever you want to do that’s ACTIVE and takes at least five minutes. Bonus points if you break a sweat! Studies have shown that even these brief interruptions in sitting can have a huge impact on our overall health. (And afterwards, feel free to watch the next episode of your show! I’m not a monster!)

    Our dog, Ella, demonstrating the ‘stretch’ part of Netflix and stretch! 😂
  2. Park farther away – I know it might be hard to imagine NOT circling around and around in your car, hunting for a parking spot closer to the building entrance, but this is one of the easiest ways to increase your step count. Plus, you’ll lower your stress levels because there’s ALWAYS a spot way at the back corner of the parking lot, so you won’t have to fight anyone.

    So far from the mall entrance, but so many extra steps! 👍 plus the sky was really pretty
  3. Wash your hands – “Uh, what? Am I burning calories while washing my hands?!” Nope, sorry (well, maybe like, 3, but that doesn’t count). But if you make a conscious effort to wash your hands every hour or every half hour, you’ll have to GET UP and walk yourself to a sink. And as a side bonus, you might get sick less often since your hands are always so germ-free! #winwin

    I’m a huge fan of toxin-free soaps, like this one!
  4. Make physical bets with your friends/spouse – This one plays out something like this:
    Me: “I bet you can’t guess what I had for breakfast today!”
    Husband: “If I get it right, you have to do 10 pushups”
    Me: “Okay but if you’re wrong you have to do FIFTY pushups!”Another variation on this idea – whichever one of you walked the most steps in a day (or went to the gym for the most time, or whatever metric you want to use) doesn’t have to prep lunches tonight, or gets to pick a family activity for Saturday afternoon. You can come up with your own healthy rewards for meeting your personal activity goals – have fun with it!
“Bob’s Burgers” puzzle we completed the other day as a healthy reward for Chris meeting his activity goal!

Don’t worry about other people who seem to be more active than you are. Remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress!  Anything more than what you were doing yesterday is a step in the right direction! (pun not intended)

What are some ways you’ve introduced more movement into your own life?





14 thoughts on “4 Ways To Get More Daily Movement”

  • Oh these are great. I love the netflix and stretch. My husband and I were thinking you meant stretching while watching netflix. (maybe we will do both) Thanks for these tips; I’ve definitely had some days of the 6-hour pinterest slump.

    • Glad you found them helpful Rachael! 🙂 Love the idea to kick it up a notch by stretching *during* Netflix-watching! I’ll have to try that too

  • Movement is sooooo important! DocJenFit on instagram has awesome free mobility exercises she posts that are super easy and you can do them at home. I do them almost everyday. Keep up the movement! 🙂

    • Oooh great tip Erica thanks! I’ll have to check her out, I LOVE when easy and exercise are in the same sentence LOL! 😀

  • These are great ideas. I find that I’m so much more sedentary during the winter months and end up feeling horrible because of it. Definitely going to give these a try until the nice weather breaks.

    • I am definitely guilty of going into hibernation mode during the winter months too! It’s sooo much harder to drag myself outside when it’s icy and snowy and COLD so I’m all about the indoor activities! haha! Glad you found this post useful! 🙂

  • Fantastic! So simple and easy to implement. Baby steps will build up over time and make you feel the need to move more. I especially love the last one- so creative and a great way to get your friends and family involved in more movement!

  • Love these ideas! I get going on my computer and before I know it I’ve missed lunch. I have to be intentional about setting an alarm to get up and move around every hour! I love the idea of bets with the spouse! Brilliant!

    • Oh I’m exactly the same way Lori!! Setting alarms for meals and dog-walking breaks is a necessity for me, lol! Glad these tips were helpful for you! 🙂

    • Thanks Sheri! 🙂 I feel like the same handful of tips to be active get recycled over and over again so I tried to think of some off-the-beaten-path options!

  • So true! I definitely need to incorporate more activity in these little ways too! Every little bit helps. I’ll be parking just a little farther from now on!

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